Stressed Out? Slow Down and Play

Today's message is simple:
When you feel stressed out, slow down and play.

Have you noticed that kids love to play? Even if they fall and hurt themselves, they jump back up and continue to play. Play is the natural language of children, which I've also discussed here.
Adults are amazing multitaskers, especially women. So when life gets out of hand and your daily schedule seems too rushed, what would happen if you just slowed down?

What if you took just five minutes and simply played?

Read that book to your toddler who has been following you around, asking for a story.
Build a tower of blocks and knock it down with your son. Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood to get some energy (or frustration) out. Draw those scribbles and pictures.
If you don't have little ones at home, slow down and play the adult way. For me, that would be eating a sugary snack, taking a nap, or doing some window shopping. Just do something you enjoy for a few minutes, and then return to your daily tasks. Go play!

Stress is fleeting, but memories last for years.
Try to enjoy those moments at home with the kids or your spouse or your friends or yourself now.
You'll feel more peace, your heart rate will slow down, and your mood will improve if you take time to play.
The dishes can wait for half an hour.

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