Thanksgiving Daily

I appreciate the message of this video: the goal to "live in Thanksgiving daily" 
by paying attention to the simple everyday beauties and people around us.

Yesterday I took the time to notice the simple beauties of our backyard and photograph the kids' simple joys of playing in the perfect Autumn weather. I'm glad I have these happy moments on camera, especially since childhood comes and goes so quickly. I hope I remember the sound of the kid's giggles when they are grown! Likewise, walking around our backyard intent on noticing the beauty inherent in the changing of seasons helped me recognize the stability and peacefulness of nature.

I hope you smile at the photo montage below and find the time in your busy lives to slow down
and express gratitude for simple, joyful moments.

 The leaves are finally changing colors in Texas. The kids filled a bucket with varied shades of red, orange, green, and yellow leaves. You can see part of what's left of our garden under the tree.

Simon wanted to pull a carrot from the garden bed.

 He ate that entire carrot when we went inside!

 He pulled the last mini pumpkin from the vine. The vine died in our frost last week. Hopefully we get a couple more zucchinis from the vine in the top corner before it dies.

 This is our pecan tree. There are still pecan shells hanging onto the branches. And beautiful clouds above!

 I am grateful we have a playground in our backyard.

 The colors on the tiny peach trees were so pretty. Even little trees undergo Autumn's beautiful transformation.

I took this picture to capture the colors of the Bradford pear tree under the canopy of the Pecan tree. I was impressed at the colors in this photo, without using photoshop or a filter. Thank you camera! (And nature)

 I am glad these two are good friends. He is a helpful big brother! This moment happened without my prodding as a mom. He offered to catch her on his own, and she happily obliged.

 Those happy eyes.

 And her infectious smile.

Happy simple moments with the kids and nature. What a wonderful afternoon.
Gratitude? Check.

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