Nail Polish in Make-up Kits

Whenever I'm getting dressed and applying make-up, my little girl loves to watch and copy what I do. But sometimes she runs away with my make-up, so I figured out quickly that she needs her "own" make-up.

Luckily I subscribe to "Ipsy," which sends me make-up samples every month. 
If you haven't heard of "Ipsy," check it out here:

I love "Ipsy!" And I love getting to try all sorts of new products.
Whenever the samples are empty, Grace inherits them in her make-up bag.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about keeping Grace out of my make-up, 
and she suggested using nail polish in the empty eye shadow slots.
Brilliant idea!!

I had an eye shadow kit that was mostly used up, so I broke the remaining colors out of their shells and washed the trays with soapy water. Once it was dry, I poured brightly colored nail polish into the trays
and let them harden overnight.

The next morning Grace (and Simon) were so excited to play with her new "paint." They played for over 30 minutes with the mini brushes, and they even shared this new toy.
Another bonus: Grace is learning colors, and this helped her recognize and name the colors.

I hope you enjoy making your own nail polish make-up kits!

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