Joys of Being a Mom

Today is going to be a great day.

The kids have been sweet and cuddly all morning long, and I have chosen to relish in those cuddly moments instead of quickly running to the next task on my list. 
Sitting on the couch with two toddlers (one whose head is laying on my shoulder, and the other who is content to smile at me and kiss my cheek) warms my soul. My heart is full.

Life can be so busy. We rush our kids to and fro with errands and activities.
In spite of all that, it's important to just "be" with them, to sit with them, to hold them (as long as they'll allow before squirming away), and to smile with them. 

When I offer them my undivided attention, they feel my love. They grow in their sense of safety and security that I love them simply because they exist. I love them for who they are.

Those quiet times also help the parent. 
I can relish in their precious smiles and hugs, and forget the fact that they woke me up 5 times during the night. Instead, I remember their first moments in my arms and how it felt to welcome them into the world. I remember how small they were, and I recognize how quickly they are growing now. Oh how time flies.

It is in those quiet, reflective moments that I feel joy and love as a parent.

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