We love #NoMoreTangles

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, 
but the following review consists of my own thoughts and opinions.

When Grace was born, my first hope (besides for a healthy baby) was for a full head of hair.
Luckily, my wish came true! She was born with a full head of beautiful, dark, hair.

Now as a rambunctious toddler, she has a moppy head of hair unless I clip it out of her face. 

Fortunately my recent VoxBox from Influenster came with three Johnson & Johnson products from their "No More Tangles" line. Until this point we had been using the baby soap that works for both hair and body, for both our kids.

I am now sold on the "No More Tangles" shampoo and conditioner!
It leaves Grace's hair softer and silkier, less tangled (obviously), and she smells lovely. 
My husband and I both prefer this shampoo now for hair washing over our previous hair and body product.

Since Grace's hair has little natural curl, I was curious how the "No More Tangles" products would work on other types of hair. I hadn't tried the detangling spray or the leave-in conditioner yet, since Grace's hair seemed naturally straight. So I invited over some wonderful Momma friends with older daughters. 
We had a "pool and hair party" to test all the Johnson & Johnson products, 
and (spoiler alert) every comment was positive.

After letting the girls splash in the pool, we suds them up with "No More Tangles" shampoo and conditioner.

 Aren't they cute?

After a full rinse in the pool, it was time to test the detangling spray on the two older girls. 

Then each Mom brushed through her daughter's hair. Both said they could tell a difference - the detangling spray made hair brushing easier. Each Mom said there were noticeably less tangles.

The sweet 3 year old in the orange t-shirt has more natural curl to her hair, so her Mom also rubbed some leave-in conditioner through her hair. She was impressed that her hair was softer and definitely less tangled again! Her cute daughter was also our hair model for a summer bow hairstyle. 

Thanks Johnson & Johnson for the hair tutorial! Check our their hair tutorial videos here:

And thanks to my lovely Momma friends who brought over their daughters to test the entire product line. 
I hope you find sweet smelling success with the Johnson & Johnson "No More Tangles" products too!

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