Guided Imagery for Stress Relief

As I've written before, I find relaxation exercises involving deep-breathing and imagery to be very effective in counseling sessions. (Click here for an example of a relaxation script in another post.)

Today I want to share more guided imagery exercises, but with the added benefit of the audio!
In session, I allow my clients to sit calmly while I talk them through a relaxation exercise. At home though, it can be more difficult to "read" yourself through a relaxation exercise and still experience the full effect.

I am excited to share a link from the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They have free audio files for stress relief, relaxation, and guided imagery. These useful audio files can play straight from your computer.

Next time you are feeling stressed, take some quiet time to yourself to enjoy this free resource. 
Turn off the TV, mute your cellphone, and find a comfortable spot to relax.
I hope you find these relaxation audio files helpful in your own life.
I listened to one this morning and quickly felt more peaceful, even though I wasn't having a stressful day.

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