Side Lite Safety

I think these are a fantastic invention!
Side Lites are nightlights that are built into the outlet cover. Totally safe for curious kids because they can't unplug anything! Last weekend my husband installed three Side Lites in our hallway, and we love them. They are also super efficient and costs pennies to run. Only 3 cents a year in electricity!

(This is not a sponsored post bytheway, just something cool we wanted to share.)
You can purchase them here.

My handy husband let me take pictures during the install:
 First kill the power to the outlet by switching the breaker to off. Safety first!!
Then remove the outlet's existing faceplate.

 Open the Side Lite package.

 Use wire strippers (or pliers) to strip the plastic off the tip of the wires. 
Pinch the plastic and pull up. Leave about 3/4inch to 1 inch of bare metal wire showing on the tip.

 See the wires showing?

 On the left side of the outlet, slightly loosen the top screw. Wrap the white wire around the top screw. 
Johnny used his pliers to bend the wire around the screw head.

 Tighten the screw again.

 Now for the right side of the outlet: Loosen the bottom screw 
and wrap the black wire around the screw head.

 Tighten the bottom screw.

 With the wires attached around the screws, your Side Lite will be all hooked up!

 Attach the outlet back into the wall box.

 Screw on the Side Lite faceplate. All done!!

Kick the breaker back on, and watch the new and safe glow of the Side Lite.
And toss the old nightlights! No more worrying about curious kids and electricity.

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