Homemade Bean Bag Toss

We love to have friends over to play in our backyard.
Our yard is huge (for our city) and perfect for t-ball, Frisbee, volleyball, and football.
I thought it would be fun to add a bean bag toss game to our collection.

Using scraps from the garage, my handy husband made a pair. 
Then, I sewed two sets of bean bags. 
(I helped a little with the woodwork, and he helped me cut out the fabric. We make a good team!)

Here's how to make your own bag bean toss game:

First, we cut the plywood to equal sizes. 
Johnny added front support to the wood to raise it off the ground. 
He used wood glue to attach the front 2x4 and then clamped it down.

While the glue was drying, he screwed long screws through the plywood into the front 2x4.

Next it was time for the back legs. Johnny cut the bottoms at an angle.
(The angle allows the bean bags to sit still on the wood, but also have the potential to slide around if they are hit by an opponent's bean bag.)
He added a small block of wood next to the legs for extra support. He put a screw through the small block and the leg, and also screwed them to the plywood from its top.

We used an old paint can to trace the circle.
We were lacking a jigsaw, so we used a saw-zall (aka a reciprocating saw) to cut the shape.
Not bad huh?

After they were built, we sanded down the rough edges and the front of the games. 
We gave them a coat of bright blue paint, which was leftover from painting the nursery three years ago.

While the blue paint dried, I sewed six bean bags. Three were a poinsettia fabric, and the other three were another Christmas fabric. Yes, you read correctly. . . Christmas fabric. I didn't know I was out of scrap fabric until I had the sewing machine all set up, and the store was closed. 

 We've had a lot of fun tossing these bean bags around. 
I hope these pictures help you create your own game!