End of Spring Harvest

The best part of gardening is the harvest!
And our little helpers were happy to be a part of the fun.

So far, our kids love to eat veggies from the garden 
(with the exception of the cherry tomatoes.)
Hopefully that veggie eating trend continues as they get older!

 the onion transporter
 Onions need to dry before you can store them, 
so we lay ours out for about two weeks.
 We had about 80 onions this harvest: red, white, and yellow onions.
 our youngest "helper"
 Simon loved pulling the carrots out of the dirt.

Doing wholesome recreational activities together is so important for a family. Chores are easier to accomplish when done together, and children learn more about the value of work. Our kids think we're having fun when we prune trees, dig holes for sprinklers, or turn over garden beds. They want to help the adults "play" outside. Simon and Grace use their kid sized shovels and copy whatever we do.
Hopefully this trend of helping also continues as they get older!