Tips for a Toddler Beach Trip

Recently we visited the Texas coast with some friends. Hello sunshine and sand!

We had so much fun, and I feel confident that future trips will be successful as well.
Here are some lessons I learned about taking toddlers to the beach.

1. Take lots of sand toys! Our kids loved to dig in the sand. They dug almost the entire time, and we formed tunnels and bridges and a moat. We never quite formed a sandcastle though; our son kept taking his shovel to it. 
But the sand toys were their favorite part of the ocean.

2. I learned that the ocean waves can be intimidating to kids, even fearless toddlers that love the swimming pool. So my fears of drowning were greatly reduced. (Obviously your kids will be different than mine.) It also helped that we had four adults watching the kids, so there were eyes on everyone.

3. Feed the seagulls! Somehow the waves were scary, but the flocks of seagulls were exciting for my kiddos. Take some cheap snacks to throw around, and let them chase the birds. 

4. Enjoy some family time and simply walk along the water's edge. It was sweet to stroll, hand in hand, along the wet sand. Take time for some calm and relaxation with your family.

5. Make a shady spot. We had a shade tent and a large EZ-Up that provided a nice spot for eating snacks and resting. Our friends had their pack 'n play in the shade tent for their baby to sleep in during nap time.  

And of course, take sunscreen and snacks. And shower off the sand as soon as possible.
I hope your beach trip is fun as well!!

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