Help your kids eat veggies - plant a garden!

My son is a picky eater. 
But he loves veggies!
I think it's because of our vegetable garden.

Our kids enjoy watching the plants grow and then eating veggies right from the bush.

Hence this picture:
 and this picture

I realized I don't have pictures of our daughter attacking the broccoli plants. But between the two of them, all four broccoli plants were constant nubs. Each time they'd play outside they would take a bite here and there.

(FYI - we don't use any harmful sprays on our veggie garden, so they can't ingest something dangerous.)

If you have space for a small garden in your backyard, I recommend planting a garden! My favorite veggies from the garden are corn, peas, and tomatoes. They taste different/better being so fresh. Last year I took a handful of carrots to church for the teenage girls in my class. 
One sweet girl commented, "Wow, so this is what carrots are supposed to taste like!" 

If you have picky eaters, let them help you plant, grow, and pick the veggies. 
Hopefully they'll learn to love them too.

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