Baby Shower Games

While I was imagining upcoming festivities for our new baby, 
I started thinking back to my previous baby showers, and all the fun games we played. 
Luckily, I had wonderful friends who made those occasions sweet and special.

Below are some of my favorite baby shower games:

"Pillow Pregnant" Twister

"Baby Preparedness Relay"
(This one was just for the Dads. They raced a stroller through cones, 
changed a teddy bear's diaper, and had a drink a bottle. The fastest team won.)

And I don't have pictures of these other ideas:

- Use the the letters of the husband and wife's names to "Create a Name!" This game was fun when we hadn't decided on a name for our daughter yet.

- Freeze tiny plastic babies in ice cubes trays for the "My Water Broke!" game. Each guest has one special baby ice cube in their drink, and the guests whose ice cube melts the fastest yells out that their water broke. 

- Creating onesies and matching shirts or tutus for older siblings. We did this at a friends' Superhero themed shower. We cut out hero shapes from fabric for his onesies, and then we made tutus for his older sister in superhero colors. Note: when making onesies, use fabric for the pattern and attach the sticky iron-on to the back. Make sure you sew around the fabric before you wash them. The fabric holds up much better than the paper iron-ons, and sewing the edge of the fabric keeps it from unraveling.

- Trivia questions about pregnancy, the theme of the shower, or the mommy-to-be


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