Spring Cleaning

Awww, Spring cleaning.
I have to admit I always look forward to this time of year.

Once the weather warms up I can refresh my garden, pull out any weeds it was "too cold" to yank before, and replant all the brightly colored annual flowers in the garden. I love getting my hands dirty outside, working up a sweat, and seeing the results of my hard work.
Oh I love the Spring!!

Spring is a renewal, not just for plants and trees, but for people too.
It's a great time to assess our goals and circumstances.
What weeds in our life needed to be plucked out?
Where can we "plant" seeds for happiness?

There's something about soaking up warm sunshine that motivates me 
and inspires a sense of peace about needed change.
Here are some things to think about as you "spring clean" your life.

1. Are you happy? 
Rate yourself on a scale from 0-10 (with ten being the highest). 
What number honestly fits you right now? Is that the number you want to remain at?
If not, pick two goals that would help you move up the scale another notch.
Start those goals today. Hold yourself accountable.

2. Serve others. 
Be that ray of sunshine that perks up someone else's day. 

3. List out your bad habits. 
Pick one to replace first. Start today.

4. Make room for "me time." 
Allow yourself time each day to take a deep breath and reconnect with your body and mind. This is a great time of day to assess your progress on your goals. It is also a great time to reflect on gratitude for happy moments throughout the day. "Me time" is not selfish time; it is reflective time.

5. Be kind.
Remember, you can only control your thoughts and actions. You cannot control other people.
Be kind to yourself regarding your shortcomings, and be kind to others as well. Be an influence for good!

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