Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words

Recently I've been thinking about how often we say kind words.
Compliments, encouragement, praise, gratitude. . . do they happen enough at home?
As parents, we can help our kids make positive communication a habit.

If your kids are struggling to say nice words, use this chart to help them.
E-mail me for the free PDF file.

Talk to them about the chart and how it will help them learn to be speak kindly more often. 
Use it as an exciting reward tool, and let them pick a prize for when they complete the chart.
(You can decide with them how often they need to fill the chart to earn a prize: daily, weekly, etc.)

Some prizes could include:
a sticker
time to watch their favorite movie
a "date" with Mom or Dad
a piece of candy
an extra story at bedtime

The more kindness you hear, the more kind you'll feel. Just one more step towards a happy home.

Encourage your children to say "Thank You" and "I love you" and "Please."
Show them how to compliment others by telling them: "You're so pretty" and "You're so strong" and 
"You're creative" and "You are so helpful" and "You are smart!"

Enjoy the chart!