These are cool baby books.
A few months ago I saw an Indestructibles book at a friend's house. Since my two kids have destroyed their fair share of cardboard books, I thought these books were genius.
Luckily, their great-grandma recently gave them the "Momma and Baby!" Indestructibles book!

There aren't any words, so I can make up the story to baby Grace, our 15 month old. She likes to mimic the animal noises. The big pictures are so colorful, they really hold her attention. And I don't have to worry about her tearing any pages, because the pages are so durable!

Reading to your babies is important. You are teaching communication skills, showing proper enunciation, and simply having cuddly bonding time. When babies are too little for cardboard books or paperback books, give these Indestructibles a try.