Homemade T-Ball Stand

Yesterday at the grocery store, we found a padded baseball and padded bat on sale. 
My two-year old immediately fell in love with the set. He carried it around the entire store.
But there was no stand. 
Never fear, I knew my handy hubby could make one.
10 minutes later we were playing ball!

We used scraps left over from previous projects: 
PVC pipe from our Halloween project (see that here) and baseboards from our living room remodel.
We cut the baseboard at 8in increments and formed a case around the pipe.
Johnny used his nail gun to secure the boards.

Simon loved it! He hit the ball over and over, and Grace ran around as his "ball girl."

 It's another fun toy for outside. And another way to tire out the kids!
I'm so glad I have a handy husband who can make anything.

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