He loves to "read"

This week I'm kicking off a "Reading Series"
-how to help your child love to read
-how to read to your child
-awesome books for toddlers and babies
-and whatever else I think of.

Tune in each day to see more tips about reading with toddlers and babies!

My 2yr old has always loved books. Even before he could walk, he'd crawl over to his bookcase and look at the picture books. (Luckily, he inherited tons of picture books from older cousins.) Now that Simon is talking, he wants to "read" to us. He has a great memory, so he learns a book quickly. It's such a proud moment watching him "read" back to us. He even copies our voice inflections, so cute!

The book in the video is "Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear." My husband pulled out the book from the top of his closet one night, and Simon asked us to read it as his bedtime story for a couple weeks in a row. After that he had it memorized. This book is based off the story "the Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear" which is the first book Simon learned to "read." 

1. Reading to your kids everyday is an easy way to encourage them to love reading. You can read at bedtime, take books in the car, or take books to church. 

2. Read a variety of books. Since we were given 95% of our books from older cousins, we have books about sports, princesses, different languages, and animals. We read books about Barbie, Sesame Street, the University of Texas, Little Critter, and the Magic School Bus. As babies, my kids loved the texture books with furry dogs and feathery ducks.

3. Shake things up occasionally. Instead of reading the words point out the colors, the numbers, the shapes, or the emotions of the characters. Your kids will soak up everything like a sponge.