Can one person change the world?
History would say yes, sometimes.

This music video is inspirational that way:

So, here's my big idea:

For years, my husband and I have recognized how harsh people can be over online comment boards, Twitter, and Facebook. People write things online they would never say in a face-to-face conversation. Recently Jimmy Kimmel started talking about this trend in regard to celebrities. I'm glad he's talking about this hurtful trend, and I want to expand awareness to all of us non-celebrities. 

So I'm proposing a new trend. 
#commentkindly is meant to be a reminder that real people receive those comments. If you wouldn't say it face-to-face, don't post it online. People can disagree and have constructive debates without personal attacks and insults. I hope that #commentkindly becomes a positive reminder to simply be kind.

Help me spread the word. Start using this Twitter handle whenever you see people attacking behind a computer screen. Use it nicely and encourage others to spread the kindness.
Who knows what kind of a difference we'll make?

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