How do you look at your spouse?

I love the way that loving husbands look at their wives.
That encompassed attentive gaze, with a glow on their cheeks and a gentle smile.

You can see he cares for her because he's involved and paying attention.
Whenever I see a couple look at each other this way, it makes me smile. I am happy that they are sharing these beautiful moments with each other and not allowing themselves to succumb to distraction.

On the other hand, how often do we miss celebrating a moment with our spouse? 
Do we neglect to listen when they give a speech? Do we fumble with our phone while they are teaching a lesson? Do we look around the room while they are singing to a crowd?
Sure we are "there" supporting them. Our "physical" body is in the same room.
But are we there emotionally?
Are you enjoying the moment and forming memories that strengthen your bond as a couple?

I encourage couples to take the time to "be there" for each other. Really "be there" in heart and mind. 
See what kind of difference in makes in your relationship.