7 Ways to Surprise Her

Dear hubbies and boyfriends out there, here are some ways to surprise her and show you care.
Remember your girl is a unique person.
It will require some creativity to make these tips fit your love.

Think about her. . .
What are her interests? Her dreams? Her favorites?
What does she always ask you for? What could she need from you?
Those answers can help you surprise her in a meaningful way.

1. Think about the TV shows she watches every week.
For example, if she watches ABC's "The Bachelor" then surprise her with a single rose after the show ends.
Ask the pivotal question, "Will you accept this rose?"

2. Send her a card in the mail.
A homemade card, a store-bought card, or a personalized card would be a fun surprise!
(treat.com has some awesome personalized cards.)

3. Take her on a date, but arrange all the details in advance.
Secretly call the babysitter, pack her outfit, etc. so she can be whisked away for romance!

4. If she enjoys photography or scrap-booking. . . 
Make a photo collage or a photo book.
Many websites make this an easy project. Shutterfly is one of my favorites. 
Wal-Mart and Walgreens offer quicker options for something you could print that day.

5. If she loves shoes or clothes. . .
Surprise her with a gift card to her favorite store. 
Look through her closet: what brand are her shoes? What brands are her clothes? 
If you don't recognize a store name, Google it.

6. Help around the house.
Think about the household chores she does the most (or asks you to help with the most.)
Show her you listen and complete that chore as a surprise!

7. Bring home her favorite treat.
Make it extra sweet by adding a note that compliments her. Such as,
"This is just because you cook awesome pancakes."